Def Leppard has given their stamp of approval to the use of their classic song 'Rock of Ages' in the upcoming film adaptation of the stage production that shares it's name with the band's song. Licensing issues keep the original song from being in the Broadway show.

Collen tells Noisecreep, “Oh yeah! I mean, we had wanted it in the Broadway show, but because of legal things, it didn’t happen. But we got to redeem it with the new movie. I just saw it and absolutely love it.”

Collen was also impressed with Tom Cruise's portrayal of Stacee Jaxx (rock star) in the film, even though he's taking on Def Leppard's 'Pour Some Sugar on Me.'

“He does [it] and it’s amazing!” Collen said. “I was really impressed with it, as well as his version of the Guns N’ Roses song ‘Paradise City.’ He brings great attention to our song, and we have a new version of [it] coming out as well. We played it as close as we could to the original and it sounds very cool.”

Another bonus afforded was a chance to meet Tom Cruise while contributing to the film.


“We saw him film the ‘Pour Some Sugar’ segment and it was brilliant. He learned how to sing for the movie and he said he was nervous that we were all there,” Collen said. “But he was so gracious and told us that he wanted to give the song all the respect it deserved. He did lead vocals, backing vocals — he was just incredible.”

The soundtrack to 'Rock of Ages' will be released (Tuesday) tomorrow, while the movie opens on June 15th. Def Leppard will embark upon a summer tour with Poison and Lita Ford that kicks off on the 15th too.

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