Which state out there would always have our back?

We all need a partner in crime in life. Someone who will always be there for us, even in hard times. I've got a few in my life like my husband, but also some friends and family who I can count on.

Does our state also have a partner in crime?

Recently, Conde Nast Traveler asked 50 people from each of the 50 states to pick a partner in crime. The results are in the video below. Surprisingly, there are some states I would pair together that may not like each other as much as I thought. It sounds like the Carolinas may have some things to work out.

Skip to the 4:44 mark to hear about Wyoming.

As for Wyoming, we were chosen as a PIC by Idaho and Montana. When it comes to us trusting someone else to have our back, it sounds like we prefer to be a lone wolf. Our representative said we are a "loner state." I think we're just highly private and self sufficient.

It also sounds like we won't trust anyone to corroborate our alibi if needed.

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