Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is making the most of his remaining downtime before the band heads out on the road for its final tour.

Lee tells Billboard that he's currently helping put the finishing touches on the group's new song, 'All Bad Things Must End,' which is being pegged as a single for the tour as well as a new cut for an upcoming best-of compilation. "We're just mixing and getting it together," said Lee. "It's pretty heavy, but it's really melodic. It's definitely about this time right now with the band and what the feeling is and kind of all that wrapped into a song. I hate to say it's like a goodbye, but it definitely references our time here." And although the band members all signed contracts prohibiting further tours under the Crue banner, Lee stressed that future studio activity isn't out of the question. "Making music is still an open conversation, so who knows," he mused. "Maybe there's some more music for us down there."

In the meantime, Lee's keeping busy with other projects. As we previously reported, he recently sat in on sessions for the next Smashing Pumpkins record, an experience that left frontman Billy Corgan so happy that he compared Lee's skills to legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. It sounds like the two have a mutual admiration society going; as Lee told Billboard, "I think [Corgan] has probably the best record he's ever written. These are like epic, goose-bump songs. It sounds like the first couple of Smashing Pumpkins records. I was f---ing blown away."

And then, of course, there's the matter of new solo music from Lee, which he promises is also on the horizon. "I have one thing in particular I've really got my heart set on. I can't really talk about it too much, but I've been writing music for it, and I've got a hard drive full of some crazy s--- that I've been working on that the music scene definitely needs right now," he boasted. "There's nothing like it. It's definitely some new music, and there'll be a new band that's gonna blow some minds."