Geology students won't be the only ones learning about rock at the University of Wyoming this semester. Among the course offerings available for UW students again this year is MUSC 4990, an upper level class for Music majors titled "Topics in History of Rock and Roll".

This marks the fifth consecutive year for the "School of Rock" class, which originated in 2012 and has now evolved into an online course. Students will follow the history of popular music from the rhythm and blues artists who inspired rock and roll, to legends like Elvis Presley and the Beatles who helped popularize the genre, and the musical trends shaped pop culture in the 20th century.

UW is one of many colleges across the country that now offer courses studying the history of rock music. And it's a safe bet there will be at least one student who incorporates the classic Pink Floyd lyric "We don't need no education" into a term paper.


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