This video gave me the chills when I first saw it on I was so unbelievably scared for the little puppy in the front seat.

This is the same situation as a post I did a few days ago of the bear who jumped on a guys trunk, but I didn't know they were the same video until the end of this clip where they showed a part of the video that I used a couple of days ago.

This video shows just how scary it was inside of the vehicle.

Another thing I'd like to add is that if I were the driver of this vehicle I'd have stepped on the gas and gotten the heck out of there! Not only for my own safety but for the dog's safety and the car too.

I mean seriously, why would you stick around and have this massive bear scratching up your car and more than likely scare your dog?

I'm happy that nothing bad happened here but I would have been utterly terrified for not only my life but the life of my pet. Cause that bear looks pretty serious about getting into that car to have a nice little snack.

Here's the previous video I shared a few days ago.

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