If you have a security camera anywhere in the western United States, there's at least a chance you'll see a bear on it at some point. One Colorado family learned that a nearby bear really liked their camera a lot.

According to the video description, this happened near Drake, Colorado located between Loveland and Estes Park.

The family described the experience like this:

4 am toddler bear sniffing deck and barbecue, climbed onto deck, caught on our security camera.

4 am? This bear is an early riser.

I have quite literally spent hours watching bears on security cameras and it's not just a western thing exclusively. One New Jersey security camera picked up a rather famous encounter where a dog played the part of a hero and chased a bear out of a family's garden.

The security camera doesn't always end up in great shape after it spots a bear as this one was practically devoured.

Very cool that this family decided to share their close encounter of the bear kind. As we've mentioned before, we are definitely fans of anything bear-related.

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