A man was driving down a remote highway when he saw two moose calves run in front of him. He watched them jump a nearby barbed wire fence and he could sense something was wrong. He was correct.

Watch what happened when this guy decided to stop his car and check on the moose calves that crossed the road in front of him. One was severely stuck in a barbed wire fence. He took action.

I was driving and a Moose and two calves crossed the highway in front of me. As I passed them they were jumping the barbed wire fence and it didn’t look right when the second calf jumped. I turned around to check and when I got to the fence what you see in the video is what I found.

If you've ever done battle with a barbed wire fence, you know you risk your skin when you're trying to ply it apart. Not only was he able to free the moose legs from the fence, but he didn't get maimed in the process.

Love sharing stories of those who could have just kept on going, but decided to make a difference. It saved the life of this calf and is what this world currently needs more of.

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