In the animal kingdom, I would defy anyone to say that there is a beast that has a better personality than a horse. A new video proves that point yet again with a show horse that puts on a very special musical performance.

According to the owner, this horse is named Kwazii. He can do incredible things with his lips as you will see. He's in Texas, by the way.

The owner shared this tidbit about Kwazi's abilities:

This is Scene The Will aka “Kwazii” owned by Genni Butts. He’s just a silly boy. He is leased to my program, D Wilson Performance Horses to be used as a lesson and show horse.

It's easy to see how Kwazii got his gig as a show horse. I'm not sure if he's trying to rap, sing or what. But, it's impressive.

Many of us in Wyoming know how wacky horses can get. It's the rule, not the exception.

Don't forget that you can send us pics and video easy by using our app if your horse has the same crazy vibe as Kwaziii. There are worse ways that you can spend your time doing if you have a special equestrian moment.

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