Figuring out which ring to buy for your fiancee is hard enough. Imagine how hard it would be to MAKE one from scratch. That's exactly what this Montana blacksmith did and it's amazing.

I have had friends tell me about how good Alec Steele is. They weren't kidding. He has 192 million subscribers on YouTube. Yes, that's "million" with a capital M. The video above shows how he created an engagement ring from scratch. All of it.

As a follow up, Alec also made the wedding bands which is documented here.

What begins with a chunk of wax that he cuts precise becomes something that wouldn't look out of place in the fanciest of jewelry stores.

If you check out Alec's official website, you'll notice that he's one of the few blacksmiths that has his own t-shirt line. After seeing this guy's work, I might have to order one myself. This guy is truly gifted.

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