All the single ladies…”  Every woman has dreamed of that special day, when the one they love will get on bended knee, hold their hand, and, like Beyoncé would sing…”put a ring on it.”  But would you gals be willing to help pay for your own engagement ring?

According to, more women are stepping up to the plate to pitch in and help pay for their own engagement rings.  Some women opt for using a diamond from one their fiancé’s relative’s rings, or help pay for a brand new ring.  One woman stated that she shelled out money for half of the price of her ring because engagement rings are expensive, and her soon to be hubby shouldn’t have to take on the financial burden alone.

Other women feel that it’s the man’s obligation to pay for the ring, because it's his gift to her, while SHE alone is his gift to him.  When my husband wanted to propose, he asked me about a week earlier if the size of the ring mattered.  I knew we both were struggling a bit financially, so I told him  "... it’s not the size of the ring, it’s the size of the heart..."  I also told him that maybe down the road, we could get better rings for each other.  (I have to admit, I had myself in mind as well, seeing as though I bought his wedding band at Walmart!)

Ladies, would you be willing to help pay for your own engagement ring, and guys, would you ever ask your significant other to help pay for their ring?

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