We all did things when we were younger that contributed to our back pain and creaking joints when we get out of bed in the morning, but nothing quite says childhood like sitting in an empty laundry basket and throwing yourself down carpet stairs!

I'll admit, when my siblings and I did this there were no safety precautions taken. It was just the basket the stairs and whatever happened at the bottom you were not allowed to tell mom or dad unless you broke something.

I have noticed that this really isn't a thing anywhere else. Like you don't see kids in New York or California doing stupid stuff like this. I suppose growing up in Wyoming and the surrounding states you have to find new ways to entertain yourself and siblings. We kept it simple and kept it fun that's for sure.

It just goes to show that kids now days are just a little smarter then we were growing up. I also do not recommend that any kids do this. Most of us who did this were lucky enough to walk away with little to no injuries.

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