A video of pair of bears waving at onlookers has recently gone viral on both TikTok and Facebook.

A video posted to the social media sharing app, TikTok, by neirall, has been gaining views by the thousands as of late. The video shows a couple of bears that appear to be waving. The video was initially posted October 9th, 2019, but because "Fat Bear Week" just ended last Saturday, the search for large and cute bears rose exponentially in August 2020 on various search engines.

While these bears are in captivity, which means they are probably at least somewhat domesticated, they are still predators. They very well could be gesturing for some unsuspecting human to come join them in the habitat, just to turn them into the bears' next meal.

It is something to think about. Just because they look cute, does not mean they won't make you breakfast (or lunch or dinner).

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