There are a lot of weird foods I'll try, even if only once, but these Top Ramen recipes are a little too strange for even my tastes.

The video below, originally posted by the ChefClub Network, shows several recipes, from main courses to side dishes and even desserts, using America's least expensive food. For most of the sweets, it appears the ramen is used like Rice Krispies. Some of the others are just insanely unique.

In all honestly, some of the entrees look like they might actually be tasty (like the Ramen Taco, Ramen Pizza or the Chicken Ramen Pot Pie), but the dessert dishes, especially the ones with chocolate, are an absolute no go.

Are you brave enough to try any of these recipes? If so, feel free to take pictures and video and send them to us. We want to know what you thought of them.

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