If a picture is worth a thousands words, this video is worth at least double that.

A video was captured and posted to Instagram of an elk at Yellowstone National Park that hilariously had a bra stuck to his antlers.

You can imagine the multitude of antler vs. rack vs. bra jokes that littered the comment section, especially since we are entering into the rutting season.

The short video was shared by the Instagram account, TouronsOfYellowstone, with a caption that read:

The elk rut is right around the corner and this bull elk is taking it to a whole new level

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The video, although somewhat humorous in nature, does beg a couple of semi-important question:

  1. Where did the bra come from?
  2. How did it get attached to the elk's antlers?

In all seriousness though, here's to hoping that the bra fell off on its own and didn't cause the animal any unnatural issues. Our Wyoming wildlife do need to be protected.

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