Weird to think that in this day and age we would still have laws at are actually in the books?  Laws like:  “It’s illegal for a woman in Memphis, Tennessee to drive without a man waving a red flag in front of them?"  Or how "flirting in San Antonio, Texas could get you in big trouble because you’d be breaking the law," even if you barely batted an eyelash at someone? came out with a list of the top strange laws, that, hopefully are no longer enforced, but still are technically in effect!

Among some of the weirdest of weird laws on this list from MSN include:

*In Utah, it’s illegal for first cousins to marry, that is, unless you reach the age of 65, then apparently it’s o.k.!

*In Georgia, you could get in trouble if you cuss…in front of a corpse!

*Best not steal any soap in Mohave County,Arizona, that is unless you’re planning on using the whole thing;  apparently if you’re caught stealing soap, you’ll be forced to wash using the entire bar until it’s completely gone!

*Best know how to sing if you’re in North Carolina, cause if you’re off key that could end you in the slammer!

*If you’re planning to visit Maryland, you better be nice to the Oysters, if you mistreat them, best plan on spending a night in jail!

You can drink like a fish in Ohio, but what you can’t do is get a fish drunk, it’s against the law!

And better shave if you’re in Eureka, Nevada, otherwise you’ll have to forego kissing!  The law states that no man with a mustache is allowed to kiss a woman!  (Don’t know if that applies if it’s the other way around, what if the woman has the mustache?)

Any crazy laws that you’ve heard of that are still in effect?


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