2017 was a crazy year with celebrity deaths, Matt Lauer, the new Star Wars movie, oh and let's not forget the Unicorn Frappuccino craze!

The Daily Dot just researched millions of Google searches from across the nation in an effort to discover what each state searched for last year.

Our neighbors in Nebraska searched for 'Harvey Weinstein Accusers' most.  While our southern neighbors in Colorado were interested in information related to Bill O'Reilly.  While in Michigan they searched for 'Giant Penquins' - really?

Well I'm sure you might have already guessed what folks in Wyoming searched most for already... if not, take a peak upwards at the sun... You've got it now.  Wyoming searched most for things relating to this year's 'Solar Eclipse'.

Take a look at the map below or Click Here for more on what other states in the US searched for most in 2017.


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