Do you ever wonder how society and Casper Wyoming would react to potentially devastating events?

Casper College will address concerns and issues with a seven week class entitled "Zombies," on Monday evenings, between September 8th and October 20th from 5:30 to 7:30.

“Culturally popular dramas, such as ‘The Walking Dead,’ have generated conversation about how society might address potentially devastating events such as biological mutations, epidemics, catastrophic events, attacks, epidemic illness, natural disasters, and terrorism,” said Lance Jones, director of security and judicial review at Casper College. “Using the popular TV series to drive the discussion, we will find out how local and state emergency responders will contain an outbreak of the ‘infected,’” he added.

Each week will feature a “subject matter expert” who “will bring their real life experience to the classroom and share their thoughts on the reality, ethics, psychology, and human emotion that might occur during disasters of epic proportions,” said co-instructor Pam Jones, Casper College Center for Excellence training coordinator.

According to Lance Jones, the following speakers will give presentations: Sept. 8, Stewart Anderson and Theresa Simpson, Natrona County Emergency Management; Sept. 15, Audrey Gray, Casper-Natrona County Public Health Department; Sept. 22, Danica Sveda, helicopter pilot; Sept. 29, Connie Jacobsen, Natrona County coroner; Oct. 6, Lt. Col. Paul Phillips, Wyoming National Guard; and Oct. 13, Teresa Wallace, director of counseling at Casper College. The last class on Oct. 20 will focus on ethical, moral, and legal issues, said Lance Jones.

For more information or to register, contact Laura Burnett, community education specialist, at 307-268-3399 or


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