Disney movies still hold a special place in our hearts, whether it's a new release like the upcoming Wreck It Ralph 2, or a classic that we completely wore out on VHS back in the day, everyone has their favorite.

Cabltetv.com recently did a survey to find out what each state's favorite classic Disney film is, and the results might surprise you!


Our neighbors to the south and east, Colorado and Nebraska prefer The Lion King, while the Dakotas both enjoy The Fox and the Hound. Montana loves Bambi, which is only slightly concerning, and Idaho loves a little Sleeping Beauty in their lives.

Utah made the distinction of being the only state in the survey to have a 14 way tie for its favorite film.

But here in the Cowboy State, our favorite Disney Classic is a little more mythological. Hercules took the top spot for Wyoming. Does that really even count as a classic?  What do you think?

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