For our most fast food chains, a Wyoming staple has a lot more locations - Taco John's. It’s been a long time since John Turner sold his "West Mex" at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Now at 26 locations, the big burrito of Wyoming is almost Taco Johns. That's more than the Vatican had Pope Johns, which is 23. But it isn't enough to be numero uno.

So if TJ's had the second most fast food places in Wyoming, who is number 1? That would be Subway with 73 sub shop spots scattered across the state.

McDonald's is number 3 in Wyoming even though it is second place nationwide. There are 25 Golden Arches franchises here.

#4 Arby's has 16, and #5  Wendys has 14.

There are 12 KFCs, and now 11 Taco Bells.

Besides fast food, coffee is pretty hot. There are 21 Starbucks locations in Wyoming, which is a lot for us. In most states, Starbucks are so plentiful that you can sit at one, and stare out the window at another Starbucks within sight.

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