This last week it has been bitterly cold in Chicago. So cold that things are not "business as usual." However, that doesn't mean it's not lacking in excitement. For the cowboy state, it has been quite the opposite weather-wise and you won't hear us complaining.

But it did get me thinking while Chicago is off lighting their railroad tracks on fire, why have  I never seen such a thing happen here in Wyoming? Have I just not been around long enough to witness such epicness? Or is it really because Chicago can get so much colder during the winter months?

So, of course, that led me down a rabbit hole of finding out how cold it needed to be for the tracks to freeze over and thanks to Buzzfeed we have an inside look.

It only has to be around -11 degrees outside and Wyoming sees that a lot during our winter months. (Our coldest day throughout our history actually reaching a chilly temperature of -66.)

I guess I'll forever be on the lookout for flaming railroad tracks throughout the cowboy state. Until I find them, enjoy this video.

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