Its been years since I’ve been night skiing, but some of these latest developments in toys for night skiing could change my mind.


LED Clothing Studio Inc. via Youtube


Will these new tech toys be popping up at Hogadon or Snow King? Emerging technology is seeing light suits for skiing and snowboarding.

Still in development, these Enomoto LED boards boast over 1,000 lights, sensors detect movement and shuffle between 16 million colors, with unique sequences for different tricks.


INSIDER via YouTube


The engineer wanted to make the most show-off board in the world and hopes to bring it to mass production if there is enough interest.

I think the light suits could be used for alternate applications such as WYDOT crews in low visibility road work conditions. The suits could flash and pulse to the music on their phones too.

Hunters could be more visible to other hunters to prevent accidental shootings while illegally hunting at night. Night golf could reduce congestion on the golf courses too. Yes Sheldon, it's sarcasm.