A Casper woman was arrested outside of a bar Saturday after going on a "racist tirade" and attacking the bar manager.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, police were called to the Gaslight Social Saturday for a report that a man and woman had been kicked out of the bar.

The affidavit says police contacted Brittany Hutson and the man at the intersection of Midwest and Ash. Hutson allegedly made a racial slur to Native Americans who she thought took her table.

Police also spoke to a bouncer at the bar who said Hutson and the man were sitting at a table in a reserved section. They got up and when they came back, two people were sitting at the table. Hutson then allegedly began yelling racial slurs before a bouncer grabbed her and escorted her out of the bar.

On the way out, the affidavit says, Hutson grabbed a bar employee's hair but the employee was able to break free.

"Both Hutson and (the man) were pushed outside, then the staff locked the door, knowing their tirade was far from over," a police officer writes in the affidavit. "Hutson began kicking the glass to the front doors while she and (the man) yelled racist remarks, prompting staff to call the police."

When a police officer confronted Hutson about the racist statements, Hutson allegedly, "proudly yelled and gave a Nazi salute." The officer also notes that Hutson showed no remorse for her alleged actions or statements.

Hutson was then arrested for disturbing the peace. The man was allowed to walk home. Both were trespassed from the bar for life.

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