Wyoming is a heart healthy state according to an article published in WalletHub. The state is the #1 best state for low cholesterol and #2 best for hypertension. The Cowboy State knows how to relax. With the freezer packed with heart health venison and other game, we score high in that column, too. Wyomingites know where to find the best free-range, non-GMO meat, and it's not in the grocery store.

Our kids are some of the non-obese as well. Wyoming was the 4th best for the kids. With a plethora of outdoor activates, and positive engorgement of sports, Cowboy State kids are some of the leanest in the country.


In the WalletHub article they have ranked each state on its overall fatness. It took in consideration obesity and unhealthy habits. Wyoming was in the top 20 of healthy states. Hawaii topped the list being the most fit followed by Colorado, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Utah. The most unhealthy state is Mississippi with Louisiana, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina trailing.

Wyoming was number 38 overall fatness with a score of 40.30. So the biger the number ... the thinner we are. As far as "Obesity & Overweight Prevalence" ranks the Cowboy state is number 41, In the category "Unhealthy Habits & Consequences," Wyoming ranked 35th. For the full list please check out the full article on WalletHub.

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