It may not be unusual to find doomsday preppers in the Cowboy State, but this bunker in Johnstwon, Wyoming, takes it to the next level. The Wyoming Survival Ranch looks like a modern country home with fantastic views. Under the red barn is doomsday shelter built into the mountain. It has its water supply and propane generators.

Time Money reported that the ranch, listed for 1.19 million dollars, was newly remodeled and sits on a 104-acre plot of land. Time Money wrote:

While outfitting the bunker for comfortable living, you can take advantage of the property’s fine farming and hunting possibilities. There are plenty of elk, deer, pheasants, and waterfowl on the tract, which comes with its own well water and equipment that will irrigate 65 acres of land.

Sounds like a piece of heaven regardless if the world ends. Now can someone lend me a few million dollars? No, I had to ask.

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