Wallethub has conducted a study about at-risk youth in America diving into a whole bunch of different factors that have effects on the younger population. They range from weight gain/loss how many teens are graduating with a high school diploma, and of course how many of our youths are using drugs.

Based on those factors and a few other things Wyoming ended up in the top 10 for most at-risk youth.

Source: WalletHub

We ended up landing the #8 spot across the U.S. for the most at-risk youth. My co-worker and I had a very interesting conversation about why that is. He believes that it's because of the cowboy up mentality that we all have.

And while I don't think he's wrong about that I believe that it's got a lot to do with the fact that the facilities that are meant to help our struggling youth are so few and far between it's hard to get those kids the help they need.

We also don't talk about our struggles with mental health as much as we should. Whether we are children or adults I believe that it's something we should all feel comfortable talking about.

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