It is no secret that Wyomingites love their firearms. As matter of fact, for the last five years (or more), the Cowboy State has the highest number of registered gun owners per capita.

That being said, not every resident is a fan. While most still want to have a way to protect their family, themselves and their belongings, some would prefer to have non-lethal options.

Enter Byrna Technologies Inc, a leader in non-lethal (and less lethal), self defense options. They specialize in air powered launchers that look like real pistols and have several different options for projectiles.

I stumbled upon them via a fellow Marine Corps veteran's Instagram page (BlackRamboTV), and after watching his video, I decided to do a little research to see how affective the Byrna launchers actually were when it comes to stopping power.

Now again, I always do my due diligence and noticed there were some people sounding off in the comments section on the official Byrna Technologies Instagram page about these weapons being nothing more than "glorified paintball guns".

The video below was their response.

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As someone with a military background, I definitely understand what they're saying. Taking a life isn't something that should be taken lightly (pardon the pun). It should also only be a last resort.

That fact that these launchers can be carried over state lines and in any building is a plus as well. Personally, I like that they have different kinds of projectiles, which include:

I am seriously looking into purchasing one (or more). I take my children shooting with me all the time, but have found not all of my kiddos are comfortable with the higher caliber firearms. These launchers could be a great way to teach them how to protect themselves, without that fear.

Let's face it, not everyone likes guns. This is an excellent backup option.

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