If you have travel plans over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, you might want to keep in mind that Wyoming roads are among the most dangerous in the country for this holiday.

A Secure Life put together a map based on fatal car crash statistics over a 5 year period starting back in 2013. As you can see on this map, Wyoming is rated as the 10th most dangerous state in the country to drive in this coming weekend.


It's worth noting if you're traveling west that Idaho has even higher fatality rates over Memorial Day weekend than Wyoming coming in as the 8th most dangerous.

As this study mentions, Memorial Day weekend is the 3rd most dangerous holiday to travel during anyway, so extra caution is a good idea. Wyoming has wildlife risks on the road at night that adds to the degree of travel difficulty. Traveling during the daytime will also likely lead to encountering less intoxicated drivers. You just never know, so be safe.

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