Just in time for Tax Day, Wallet Hub has issued a new report ranking the states with the best and worst return on investment for taxpayers. According to their research, taxpayers here in Wyoming get the second biggest bang for the buck in the country.

The study compares the effectiveness and efficiency of state government services in several different categories, including infrastructure, health, safety, economy and education. Their statistics show that while Wyoming has the 4th lowest state tax rate in the country, it also has the 2nd best economy. It also ranks among the nation's best in infrastructure and pollution.

It's also worth noting that Alaska, the state that finished first in taxpayer return on investment, was ranked 30th for "overall government services". By way of comparison, Wyoming came in fourth in that category.

The most inefficient and ineffective state governments are concentrated in the deep south. Of the 50 states, Arkansas ranks last in return on taxpayer investment, followed by Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Read the full report here.

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