To all fellow cowboys, I don't care how romantic you are, none of us can beat this guy.

Three years ago, a Casper man died of cancer, but before Valentines Day, he was able to arrange with a Casper florist to send flowers to his wife  – on every Feb. 14 for the rest of her life.

Jim Golay was diagnosed with an brain tumor almost exactly a year before Valentine’s Day in 2015. Even knowing he wouldn’t be around much longer, he still wanted to make Valentine’s Day special for his wife, Shelley Golay.

Before Jim died, he met with the florist and gave them his plan. It was simple: Shelley gets a bouquet of flowers on every Valentines Day for as long as she lives - to remind her of how he so loved her.

The story went viral after it was broken by other local and regional media. Maybe it’s a story that can be re-told every year.

"He's such an amazing man and he just can love beyond boundaries,” Shelly told Time Magazine.

Ms. Golay said that she thought her children did it, until she called the florist. They were happy to tell her what Mister Golay had done.