Life-long Wyomingite Justin Earnshaw lives in Cheyenne and is an English teacher at Burns High School, just 28 minutes away. He’s is a loving husband with “a passion for travel, food, and half-finished home improvement projects.”

That’s a few things we know about Justin, but after his recent appearance on Jeopardy, we found out he knows nothing about football.

When it came to answering questions about football during his “Jeopardy” appearance, none of the contestants were able to answer a single question, leading host Alex Trebek to give them some good-natured ribbing.

From, worst to first, then in between, Justin didn’t know the answer to “U.S. Hwy 101 once stretched from Washington to Mexico; Now it’s southern end is in this city’s Boyle Heights area.” His wrong answer to “What is San Diego?’ cost him $400. His reply was the answer I would have given.

Justin’s “Beckett” answer to “1962: “Introducing Peter O’Toole” was wrong and put him in a hole $600 deep.

“Succotash” & “Prose” got him back to zero, and he eventually ended up in 2nd place.

We’re proud of Justin and wish him all the best.

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