2nd Amendment rights are a hot-button issue in America and battle lines have been drawn between those who believe in gun ownership and those who don’t. Where does Wyoming stand on owning firearms?

Admitting that “statistics on gun ownership across the U.S. are hard to nail down,” CBS reports that Wyoming leans pro-gun.


  1. Alaska has the highest gun ownership rate in the country at 61.7 percent.
  1. Arkansas 57.9 percent.
  1. Idaho 56.9 percent.
  1. West Virginia 54.2.
  1. Wyoming gun ownership rate is 53.8 percent.


By comparison, the least armed state is

  1. Delaware With just 5.9 percent of the populace armed.


Does gun ownership make Wyoming one of the top murder states? No.

Wyoming ranked 33rd for Murder rate as of 2016.

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