At our old house in Colorado, the weeds were never addressed by the previous owner, who put down decorative bark without weed barrier. You can imagine how that worked out. So I raked up all of that and gave it to my neighbor, while I brought in 16 ton of the cherry pea gravel and about 6 ton of river-wash to add to some that was already there.

I liked the exercise and the results were fine, by the time I got done. The picture on this page shows almost done. I went with the rock because the house is in a semi-arid part of the country and as stewards of the planet, I wanted to respect our natural environment, and not get stuck with outrageous bills in the drought prone summers. Also running irrigation would have been a hassle and an expense.

I’ll bet I could have done a few things differently or just turned it over to the pros. For those who are thinking of a fresh project, get with the professionals for landscaping, HVAC, Hot tubs and just about everything for your home, inside and out.