When I woke up this morning and saw all the snow falling from the sky I'll admit that I was a little upset. But then I started to think on the bright side and tell myself that there are tons of fun activities to do during wintertime. Which is how I ended up on Onlyinyourstate.com.

One of those things is taking a sleigh ride through the mountains and ending up at a real Wyoming steakhouse!

Yes, I did just say sleigh ride. Of course, it is in Jackson Hole Wyoming so you will have to take a little trip to enjoy this enchanted sleigh ride.

It's located on the Mill Iron Ranch, where they get the horses strapped in and attach to the sleighs and take you on a trip through the snow and mountains and then you end up at the restaurant where you actually get to see them put your big T-bone steak on the grill and wait for that baby to reach medium-rare.

It really is a magical place that needs to be on your holiday trip list.

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