Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my Valentines' guide to having a perfect heartfelt day with the love of your life. (Keep in mind, I'm 100% single and it will become clear that I don't have a romantic bone in my body.)

Let's begin.

1. Cook breakfast the morning of the big day. It doesn't matter if you burn it, it's the thought that counts.

2. Gifts are SO overrated... Take your loved one by the hands and stare deep into their eyes for what may feel like an uncomfortable amount of time. Keep going. LOL!

3. Although I've never done this one I hear great things. If you're into hunting and your girl isn't, take her out and make a date out of shooting Bambi. She'll thank you later. I think.

4. This day people really overdo it for their loved ones. So why not keep it simple this year with a giant teddy bear and the smallest box of mixed chocolates you can find.

5. My last hot and spicy love tips for you and your loved one this holiday season is to treat them with the same love and respect that you do every other day of the year because no one needs a holiday to express affection.

I hope you enjoyed my top five ways to keep the romance alive in 2020.

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