We know the English and Spanish languages dominate the discourse of the United States, but what dialect is the 3rd most popular?

That, of course, varies by state.  From 24/7 Wall St., if you leave out English and Spanish, here are 10 languages ranked as third by state:

In Wyoming, German is the third most popular language.

  1. Alabama: Vietnamese
    2.    Arizona: Navajo
    3.    California: Tagalog
    4.    Connecticut: Polish
    5.    Florida: French Creole
    6.    Idaho: Arabic
    7.    Massachusetts: Portuguese
    8.    Montana: German
    9.    New York: Chinese
    10.  Wisconsin: Hmong

Residents who speak German at home: 1,643
German-speaking population: 0.3%

In Wyoming, 0.3 percent of the population speaks German at home, a huge difference from the 17.4 percent of the population who have (likely quite distant) German ancestry.

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