I've been doing apartment living for a few years now and I've developed a few good reasons as to why I will never go back to living on a lower level until I am prepared to buy a house.

1.) Bugs/insects of any kind. I absolutely hate having bugs in my house! I grew up living in basements my entire childhood and the one thing that I remember was always having to kill spiders in the shower, or I'd be using the bathroom look down and see a huge spider just inches from my foot.

2.) Not being bothered by neighbors. Living on the top floor isn't always super quiet, but you do have less of a chance to hear your neighbors stomping around and being loud since you are directly above them in most cases.

3.) The energy bill. I'm not sure how much this theory of mine actually effects how much I pay for my heating and cooling bill, but I do know heat rises and so based on that it's prompted me to live on the top floor at every place I've ever lived.

4.) The views. I have by far the best view in town from my balcony. Especially when it comes to the spring season. I can sit outside for hours after I get off work and watch the sunset. It's pretty legit.

5.) Robbery. Once again I'm not sure how accurate this is, but in my mind, it makes sense that most criminals want an easy in and an even easier escape route. Living on the top floor does require more effort on the part of the criminals to break in and take stuff or harm you. I guess you could say I just feel safer living on the top floor rather than the bottom floors.

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