We can all agree that Wyoming can be a beautiful yet harsh place to live. Not because of the people but definitely because of the weather which is why you have to be Wyoming tough to live here. But I've got a few reasons for us all to be thankful we grew up here in the cowboy state.

1. You are never cold when your friends from out of state are cold because you were born with tough skin and warm blood. Be thankful for that.

2. While the rest of the world is overly concerned about the super volcano exploding and utterly demolishing life as we know it. Us here in the cowboy state are resting easy knowing that we are in no danger. So we just sit back and enjoy our wonderful view.

3. We have potato ole's. That is all.

4. If you forgot to make a stop at the grocery store, not to worry that's what ice fishing is for. You can have fish for every single meal of the day if you want. Fishing also makes for a good pass time as well.

5. You are never more than 10-15 feet away from being completely alone and getting some serious alone time to figure things out. You'll also have an incredible view no matter where you are.

These are all things to be thankful for if you grew up/live in Wyoming.

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