I've been making some changes in 2019 and one of them was to get back into the gym and start my transformation into Chris Hemsworth. As you can imagine, It's still a work in progress.

Regardless of how that's coming along, I've noticed some things around the gym involving what we all know to be "gym rats" I personally don't like the term, but it is pretty accurate. So here's a list of habits that we should limit while getting our grind on.

1. Grunting: There is no need for such hostility while getting your sweat on.

2. Leaving your sweaty towels on the equipment.

3. Leave your shirt on: No one is going to compliment you like you're a Greek god/goddess.

4. Smile: It never fails when I go to the gym not a single person looks happy which you should be happy you're working on yourself to become a better version of yourself. So smile!

5. Quit trying to train people: We all know you spend an obscene amount of time at the gym, but if you're not an actual trainer do not try to train us on how to use equipment


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