These "found footage" McDonald's training videos from the 1980's are absolutely ridiculous.  They made me laugh and completely weirded me out at the same time.  They brought me back to a time, before I was born mind you, that I am glad is over and done with.  Sniff up the french fry scented nostalgia and give these videos a watch.  You won't regret it.

Here are two training videos from the McDonald's vault.  I found them online, not at McDonald's.  I have never worked for McDonald's, or any fast food joint for that matter. Those who have, may have had to sit through similarly bad videos like these.  I have worked at chain restaurants in my teens, so i understand the corporate "trying to make crappy work fun" kind of angle.  I will also acknowledge that these videos came from a time when American's took a little more pride in their jobs, regardless of what that job is.  Nonetheless these videos are still hilarious and borderline scary to me.  The first video follows an eager new-hire on his first day of being a custodian, or "Mc-C" as the video refers.  Throughout the day, I'm not sure if this was intentional, the employee seems to kind of go a little crazy.  I don't blame him, but yikes!  The second video is an attempt to be hip with a Michael Jackson rip-off, but still is funny to me.  Both videos are about cleaning.  So I am not sure if the policies in the videos are no long in practice or are just not enforced.  Most McDonald's that I visit look like the photo above.  Anyways, enjoy your Mc-training.