Listening to Supertramp’s “Take The Long Way Home,” I decided to take a different route. I like to learn neighborhoods and ways around town. At one point, I turned a corner and for a fleeting moment, I thought someone’s house had been T-P’ed, toilet papered. It was just actually faux spider webbing for Halloween decoration. I took a picture and thought, “Let’s see who else is decorating.”

Here’s what I found in one neighborhood on the Friday before Halloween.

You see the fancy Halloween displays at stores, on TV and at times in the more well-to-do neighborhoods, displays that look like they spent a month’s worth of mortgage money to impress the neighbors.

In this photo gallery, I think about the real meaning of Halloween.

It’s little children dressed in costume, going out into a big world, door to door to experience people just handing out candy. Setting the scene, and making impressions that will last a lifetime: Cool crisp air, leaves that have fallen and crunch and shwoosh underfoot. Darkness comes early and scary decorations of ghosts, vampires, bats, goblins, jack-o-lanterns, spiders and webs set the mood. Here’s how some have decorated for Halloween. Thank you all for your efforts, it is appreciated.


Oh, and at my house? I went all out this year, though it's still a work in progress.....

Cooper, Townsquare Media