Usually, when people are bragging about the fish they caught, we expect the fish was pulled out of a lake not a hole in the ground. This photo posted on Reddit is drawing some attention because nature is brutal. The small fish became the larger fish's dinner just before their demise.

Fossils like these are common in the Kemmerer area and the Fossil Butes National Monument. They are part of the Green River rock formation. This formation is lush with a variety of ancient aquatic and avian species. In fact, Wyoming was a much different back then full with creatures that resembled stingrays and crocodiles.

There is a theory in geology that states what happened in the past, is happening now. That the same processes that happened a million years ago are still happening today. So in case, you were wondering, fish ate fish millions of years ago. Although, I'm not sure if that helps you pick the best bait today.

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