The "Madras Maiden," a restored WWII B-17 "flying fortress" bomber, will fly over over and into Casper on May 8 and a chance to get close on May 13. On the 14th, it will fly into Cheyenne.

The “Madras Maiden,” one of the few remaining WWII long range bombers that still remain. There are less than 100 around.  It is a tribute to those who sacrificed and died for our freedom and an excellent chance to learn more of the great and noble history of our nation.

The Liberty Foundation will have the aircraft for public flights from 10am until 2pm and ground tours on Saturday, May 13, 2017 from 2:30 until 6pm, in Casper at the Natrona County International Airport.

The plane and foundation will be at the Cheyenne Regional Airport May 14, 2017, flying from 10am to 2pm with flights every hour on the hour. Ground tours will be available from 2:30pm until sunset.

There is no charge for the ground tours but the flights are $450. While pricey, if you can budget this in, IMHO, its worth it. I remember well, my ride in a B-29 10 years ago. Loved it. You can imaging the young crew doing their duty and there jobs in these magnificent birds. Memories for a life time.

72 years ago, before the end of World War II, American pilots and crew took to the skies to fight an evil menace of Nazi Germany with a great new and fierce “Flying Fortress.”

The Madras Maiden was one 200 long range heavy bombers with the world’s first 4-engine configuration. It came with the self-defense of eight gun positions, 13 heavy machine guns, and a crew of 10. It could carry almost five tons of bombs & munitions and was one of the fastest bombers during WWII.


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