As Iron Maiden kicks off their “Book Of Souls World Tour” Wednesday in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA, the band is flying high in their new Boeing 747 jumbo jet that will be piloted by frontman and now Captain Bruce Dickinson, who is a fully licensed commercial pilot.


The jet is nicknamed “Ed Force One” after band mascot “Eddie,” who has appeared on their album covers, merchandise, on stage and now on their plane. While tour planes have mostly disappeared from rock & roll band tours, this Jumbo jet Is just what the band needs for continent hopping. The cargo hold and rearranged seating will handle all of their logistical needs.


Iron Maiden's world tour kicks off Wednesday, February 24 in Sunrise, Florida and will eventually make its way to our neck of the globe on Wednesday, April 13th Pepsi Center Denver, Colorado.


Will you go see the show? Would you like to see it land. Here’s Ed Force One” landing.


"Ed Force One" taking off VIDEO

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