A barely-clothed Casper man was arrested early Sunday after allegedly taking women's underwear from a residence.

Travis Lee Cureton, born in 1972, was arrested on a recommended charge of disturbing the peace.

According to court documents, police were called to a residence in the 800 block of West 15th Street. The caller told police that a half-naked thin, bald male was on her porch. She told police that she had noticed odd things happening inside her home a few days prior to the incident, but had dismissed them as nothing.

When she was leaving for work at about 4:30 a.m., the woman saw Cureton curled up in a ball under her patio furniture. Cureton was shirtless and his pants were unbuttoned and halfway down his buttocks. His genitals were also exposed.

The woman also noticed blue-laced women's underwear laying on the ground as she spoke with police. The underwear was ripped at both ends as though it had been taken off someone wearing it.

The woman led police to her room and discovered that her underwear drawer had been rummaged through. The woman also found a 12-inch wire with LED lights, similar to Christmas lights in her drawer.

Cureton told police that he was at the Mocha Moose playing games before involved in a having a dispute with another man. Cureton feared for his safety and was worried someone was following him. He said he ended up on the porch because he became disoriented and felt safe there.

He denied entering the residence or knowing anything about the women's underwear.

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