This really needs to be a Wyoming story. But, sorry, Wyoming has very few Bigfoot sightings. Still, if we can get a Jackalope hunting permit, why can't we get a Bigfoot hunting permit in this state?

Oklahoma - bill to establish a Bigfoot hunting season was introduced.

Maybe it's because OK' has broken the top 10 for sightings in the nation (They're now at #9).

Does that mean that they have become a problem and the population needs to be reduced? Well... maybe. Representative Justin Humphrey wants Oklahoma Wildlife Commission to establish a Bigfoot hunting season.

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In fact Mr. Humphrey lives in southeastern and south-central Oklahoma where most of the state's sightings happen. They even host a bigfoot festival every year in the area.

"The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission shall promulgate rules establishing a Bigfoot hunting season. The Commission shall set annual season dates and create any necessary specific hunting licenses and fees". TRUST ME you want to read the bill. and you can, here at this link.

I bet you're wondering when you can hunt if the bill passes. You'll have to wait until November 1, 2021.

Good luck though. So far nobody can find the creature at all, so how the heck does anyone plan to hunt him? He is the nations hide and seek champion, after all.

But let's say a hunter does manage to bag one. Is Bigfoot eatable? One thing is for sure, you better have enough ceiling space if you plan to stuff and mount one.

One word of warning. Bigfoot is one of the few creatures who is capable of fighting back.

If the bill passes - good luck.

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