His main prey is to bring in snakes, still alive and turn them loose in the house. He never kills them or leaves bite marks, just catch and release, inside

I recently told you about our “hunter cat” Finster honoring my wife & me with a dead rabbit at our back door. I was amazed with the number of comments from people regaling the tales of their own cats’ conquests. Some involve bats, others live snakes! Here are just a few.


Evan made the point; “Cats are stealth creatures and when such a superior animal decides to share its prize kill with you feel honored…”


Bruce; “My cat brings me fantastic gifts; Woodpeckers Squirrels, Rabbits, Robins, Bats, Mice, Rats, and Sparrows And I personally praise her for it! Was not that long ago a cat in Wyoming that does not bring home at least a mouse would be up for the firing squad…”  That cat better earn his keep!


Paul wrote about a friend’s coal black, long haired cat named Bandit,

His main prey is to bring in snakes, still alive and turn them loose in the house. He woke up one morning just as bandit turned one loose on his bed…Bandit has been known to have 3 at the same time loose in the house, open the closet and one will pop out or come out from under the couch or chair and scare the daylights out of you. he never kills them or even leaves bite marks, just catch and release, inside.


Linda’s cat catches mice, but Linda didn’t get the entire mouse as a present, “Just the heart of a mouse. That's all he would leave, the heart!”  As my wife would say…EEEK!


Megan made a good point; “This post is kind of a testament to those who claim, "oh no, domestic cats don't harm wildlife!" lol. They are born hunters.”



As I was getting ready to write, I heard a moan from my wife. “Honey, he did it again!”  You can see his second rabbit in the picture above. My wife did her best to give him praise, but her first comment was "Eek!"


The Great Orange Hunter is loose and there’s no telling what he’ll start bringing home. Maybe we should get Finster some deer tags! I know some are having coyote problems…. But Finster is just 1 year old and that kind of hunt may have to wait.