The Casper City Council on Tuesday passed on first reading two amendments to ordinances about mobile food trucks and other vendors.

A year ago, the council approved the contentious Mobile Vendor Parking Permit Ordinance that allowed food trucks to reserve public parking places for private use.

It included a restriction saying signs about mobile vendor occupying parking spaces could be placed no more than two hours before the event.

Earlier this year, Shawn Houck -- owner of Frontier Brewing Co.,117 E. Second St., and advocate for the ordinance -- asked the council to allow businesses to place signs the night before.

City Manager Carter Napier said the amendment wouldn't forbid parking on those spaces, it would just let people know further in advance that those parking places would be occupied at a certain time.

Last month, the council at a work session agreed to the amendment, and approved it on first reading Tuesday.

The second amendment about fire suppression on non-motorized food trucks had a tougher time.

The International Fire Code, adopted by the city, requires fire suppression systems on motorized mobile food vendors, but it doesn't mention food stands, trailers and push carts that use the same kind of equipment.

The proposed amendment would bring non-motorized food carts such as hot dog stands under the same regulations.

During the discussion, Carter Napier said he looked at Casper Fire-EMS officials in the audience who indicated to him that the non-motorized carts would be exempt.

Despite council's approval of the proposed amendment last month, council member Steve Freel and others wanted to table it for more discussion.

Freel said he has talked to the owner of a non-motorized food trailer. The owner told him the proposed amendment is more restrictive than his trailer's manufacturer's guidelines.

Chris Walsh and Bob Hopkins agreed, with Hopkins adding, "I think we've gone too far."

Mike Huber said tabling the proposal would just delay the process, and the council can work out the details at the next work session and subsequent votes.

The council voted down the motion to table and approved the proposed amendment.

In other business, the council approved these resolutions on its consent agenda:

  • Authorized $158,313 to Dynamic Controls, Inc., to replace the rooftop heating and cooling unit at the city-owned building at 135 S. Ash St.
  • Authorized $30,031 for a professional services contract with CH2M Hill for the first phase of the rehabilitation and replacement project of pipe and other infrastructure at the Sam H. Hobbs Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Authorized an agreement with the Central Wyoming Regional Water System Joint Powers Board for $301,710 to upgrade the systems that allow monitoring and remote control of industrial processes and equipment.
  • Authorized an agreement with the Regional Water System Joint Powers Board for $64,296.67 to replace the roof at the water treatment plant.
  • Authorized $75,000 for professional services with Wenck Associates, Inc., to update the 10-year Casper Solid Waste Division business plan project.
  • Authorized $934,086 for Ramshorn Construction Inc., for the 13th Street improvement project.
  • Authorized $168,700 for RDO Equipment Co., for the Casper Regional Landfill GPS equipment project.
  • Authorized a $18,531 change order and a 75-day extension for Western States Fire Protection for the fire suppression and campus fire alarm system replacement project at Life Steps Campus Building "F."
  • Authorized $685,091.25 for Ramshorn Construction, Inc., for the Bryan Stock Trail and Metro Road improvements project.
  • Authorized $932,250 for Treto Construction, Inc., for the North Beverly Street improvements project.
  • Authorized changes to fees charged for the use of city parks.
  • Established an annexation policy for properties that receive city services outside city limits.
  • Adopted the 2019 Region 2 Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • Authorized the transfer of compression equipment for ice making at the Casper Events Center to the Casper Ice Arena.
  • Authorized a lease agreement with the Casper Horseheads Baseball Club to operate the concessions at the Crossroads Baseball/Softball Complex.
  • Authorized a license agreement with Lou Taubert Real Estate, Inc., for installing concrete landing and railing within the South Wolcott Street right of way.

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