Can you parallel park? About half of the Cowboy State can and only about a third of that number do it well. Whether you're a novice or a parallel parking pro, this new 5th wheel attachment makes parking, even in the smallest parking space, a breeze (unless you're one of those lucky folks that owns a car that will do it for you).

The video below showcases how easy and quickly you can parallel park a decent size SUV with this 5th wheel attachment. While parallel parking isn't really a big deal in Wyoming (because we have ample space), this would come in real handy when visiting our neighbors in Denver.

Apparently this isn't a new concept either. I stumbled across a video (shown below) from the 1950's that shows a similar concept utilizing the spare tire, in this case, located in the trunk. It didn't catch on back then, but now, almost 70 years later, it could be a successful thing! There's definitely a market for it... if the price point is decent.

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