It's been a while since I have gone off on a rant about something that bugs me, so here we go. The Walmart parking lots are not a free-for-all for everyone to walk down the center while vehicles are trying to find a place to park.

In the past few weeks, I have gone to Walmart more than I normally do and every single time I have to navigate very carefully around the pedestrians who think they own the street so I can avoid hitting someone. When taking your cart full of groceries to your car, you SHOULD be closer to the parked cars rather than strolling casually up and down the center of the aisle.

You're holding up traffic and drivers aren't always paying attention more importantly, you never know when someone might just snap and go off the deep end. That could be anything from honking their horn to screaming at you from their window to move out of the way.

All I'm asking is that we all be conscious of our surroundings and be aware when there is a one-ton metal object on wheels right behind you looking to pass.

At the same time, not all drivers are innocent. Both parties need to be more observant when in parking lots like Walmart. Take it slow and if you do get into a predicament that has your temper rising, just breath and think how to resolve the issue without conflict.

There, rant over.

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