I just recently began driving again and there are some things that I've noticed about our local parking lots that have driven me up a wall with how badly they were designed.

Now ever since I've been driving I have hated the eastside Wal-Mart parking lot. I don't know if it's just too big and not very well organized but I do not like how it is set up and how the traffic flows through that parking lot.


Another one that bugs me is the parking lot right across from The Gaslight Social and Raccas Pizzaria. It's not so much the flow of traffic when that one gets full but it's mainly the fact that nothing is organized at all. No lines, no poles to tell you where to exit from. Which can be a big deal for people in smaller cars.

The final one on my list is the Sunrise shopping center parking. It's a massive parking lot and I don't think it's the way the parking is laid out that has me bagging on it. It's probably got to do with how people drive through it and the general lack of maintenance that's been done to it throughout the years.

Honorable mention is going to the GIGANTIC pothole outside of the west side Wal-Mart just outside of the liquor store. Other than that It's probably the best parking in Casper.


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